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“Practice the pose first before the martial arts.” Wang Daoming dotingly patted Little Bai Hechou’s head and said, “After you are well practiced with it, you can forget the poses.”


“This little rascal.” The mysterious man smilingly scolded. “He is lucky wherever he goes, that is really something to be envious about. Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. Try to improve on our technology as best as we can. We are unsure when the Zergs will be sure, this is not something we can control. All we can do now is to do our best.”


“I think you should try it out first.” Hong Dali said seriously like he was old and experienced. “You must not be impulsive in love. You should at least find out who he is, what he looks like, how old he is, what race he is, what his temperament is like—what if he is from a giant race? He might be more than ten meters tall, and you will look just like a little child standing next to him. If that is the case, it’s no use liking him, right?”


Perhaps. The great Mister Gate threw Tianyi out of the main door like rubbish and said, This shop is under my protection. If you are trying to create trouble, go elsewhere! Scram!


Damn! He did not have many of those attributes in the first place, and half of one of those attributes would get deducted if he failed! No matter which one got deducted, it would be depressing!


Oh, this. Hong Dali grinned. I went through a Tower of Trials. This was given to me by a Sister Green bird inside the tower. I think its her baby, but its a little ugly

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“As long as you’re not treated badly, as long as you’re not treated badly!” Lan Ruoxi looked at Hong Dali. She would have imprinted Hong Dali’s face in her mind if she could. She pulled Hong Dali to the sofa and sat down. Then, she looked left and right again. Finally, she looked at the words on the cloak that Hong Dali wore. “Our little prodigal, this cloak is very impressive. Let me see, Aristocrat.Dali. Haha, good, good! Such a good cloak could only be matched with our little prodigal’s status!”


En, I understand. Li Nianwei looked at Hong Dali again. Dont worry. I know where I stand.


A lady like Qianxue, usually cold, once she fell in love with someone, there was no stopping her. This was no joke. Especially the incident that happened eight hundred years ago, the lady back then, her character was very much alike.


The Galaxy Aristocrats only had a population of 200,000 plus people, all youngsters in their race were very precious. Yet, female Galaxy Aristocrats could only be impregnated when they fused with males who had the bloodline of the Galaxy Aristocrats. It was slightly better for men, it was possible for them to impregnate women from another race, but the chances were very low, less than one in a hundred.


“Yes, there is.” The Bureau Chief sighed and said, “The worst kind of result. Once this Zerg body has been exposed, its genes had started to communicate with the main body of Zergs. If we are lucky and there isn’t any Zergs nearby, things would still be okay. But if we are unlucky, the Zerg army should already be on the way to Earth. Also, Zhang Yi said that the gene structure of the Zerg race is very unique, they can cooperation in thousands at the same time under the command of one leader. Which means to say that the number of this Zerg army may be very massive.”


Tianxing sat on the sofa with his eyes closed, resting. But there were many things going through his mind.


This silver-level Honorary Aristocrats name was Galleon. He could be considered a business prodigy. The piece of land that he was trying to sell that day had always been a thorn in his fleshhe had bought it for 35 million with plans to develop it. After all, the future of the property market on the Galaxy super planets was still pretty good. However, after he bought it and prepared to develop it, he found out that the piece of land was completely unsuited for developing. The ground was mainly a mix of rocks and sand. The hard places were super hard and the loose places were made up of loose sediment. It was impossible to build anything high. He could insist on developing it, but the costs would be six times as muchwhat would he earn then? His net profit ratio margin would be pulled down!



Even if Tang Muxin agreed, Jian Qianxue was a Galaxy Aristocrat. Could she tolerate her husband having concubines as well as a fiancée? That was impossible. What if she made him divorce Tang Muxin—no, no, no way!



“You are probably not sick.” Hong Dali quickly concluded. He picked up a drink and self-indulgently started drinking. “Since you like him, then you should woo him. Oh, but you don’t even know who he is, why and how do you like him? You don’t know what type of person he is and you like him already? You should at least know if he is tall or short, fat or thin.”


She could be considered a talent when it came to learning martial arts, and yet she had only managed to get past level nineteen despite having already tried her best.


“You bullied my Brother Luo Qiang. As his boss, I must have an explanation!” Not at all intimidated, Hong Dali stood eye to eye with Mister Gate. “If I cannot even protect the people around me, how can I survive here!”

  • Mr. Scott, the clerk said respectfully, you have become an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, please decide on the name on the cloak.
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